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Bertello Pizza Oven Review (Best Outdoor Oven for 2023?)

Bertello Pizza Oven Review (Best Outdoor Oven for 2023?)

No matter what your outdoor kitchen looks like, getting an outdoor Bertello pizza oven would make a great fit. But is it the best option? And how does it stack up against the competition? Let’s take a look at my Bertello pizza oven review.

The Bertello outdoor oven is a top pick for a multi-fuel pizza oven that is effective as both gas-fired and wood-fired ovens. You may convert this for gas firing using a gas burner attachment. In addition, this oven’s compact size and portability make it perfect for picnics, camping trips, or partying.

In its gas-powered configuration, the functional Bertello pizza oven is one of the few models that can produce the extremely high temperatures required to produce a Neapolitan-style pizza in less than 90 seconds.

In addition, Bertello’s design encourages great airflow to produce a pleasing rolling flame that successfully cooks 12-inch pizzas.

Bertello pizza oven lg

Is the Bertello Pizza Oven Good?

Yes. The Bertello Pizza Oven is a reliable outdoor appliance that lives up to its hype and allows for a swift and even cooking of delicious pizzas.

Bertello offers a variety of good options and markets itself as the best pizza oven for homemade pizzas. This portable oven is powered by multiple fuel options – wood, charcoal, or gas – and can cook amazing pizza and other foods at temperatures up to 1000 degrees Fahrenheit.

Creating your smoky-flavored pizza from scratch is easier as the Bertello pizza oven has a simple yet attractive design that makes for a straightforward cooking process.

In addition, every Bertello is equipped with a tough cordierite stone that can withstand high temperatures, allowing you to create real brick-oven pizzas and get a perfect crust. The ovens don’t have a built-in thermometer, but the external thermometer included in the package enables you to check for the perfect temperature constantly.

The best part is that, although advertised as a pizza oven, you can cook anything you choose, including meat, fish, and vegetables. In addition, the oven comes at an affordable price and has similar variability to that of many wood pellet grills or smokers in the same price range.

To enable cooking with wood, charcoal, or wood pellets, every Bertello comes with an oven tray, baking stone, wood tray, and wood chip scoop. Using commercially available wood pellets may be a good choice if you cook with wood chips. This is advantageous since it eliminates the requirement for any special purchase and additional costs.

Using the Bertello wood oven, you may enjoy cooking with wood pellets, a more recent choice for grilling and outdoor cooking with several advantages. They make pizza cook simpler, more even, and smoke-free.

Additionally, compared to traditional ovens fueling, wood pellets emit less bitter smoke.

How Long Does It Take to Cook Pizza in The Bertello Pizza Oven?

With the Bertello wood-fired oven, you can cook great pizza in under two minutes, but this doesn’t include the oven warm-up period, which takes between 18 to 20 minutes.

Once at the maximum temperature (at or above 930 degrees Fahrenheit, (500 Celsius)), this outdoor pizza oven cooks pizzas on a cooking surface that is 12.5 inches wide by 13.5 inches deep.

These higher temperatures contrast sharply with most regular ovens, which are sometimes enormous and take a while to heat up. The rapid high heat of the Bertello oven allows your pizza to be crispy on the exterior, soft on the inside, and have the perfect crust.

The great news about the Bertello pizza oven is that you can prepare Neapolitan pizza in a few minutes and you get to choose from a few different fuel source options.

Those fuel options include:

  • Wood
  • Wood pellets
  • Charcoal
  • Gas

You may get properly cooked toppings and a crispy crust with all the taste from wood grilling by using the more conventional wood cooking options. However, the Bertello gas-powered oven functionality also operates per all industry best practices.

Therefore, they may still attain the magic temperature of 932° F (500° C) required for a flawlessly crispy Neapolitan crust.

Suppose you already own a gas outdoor pizza oven and value the worry-free experience.

In that case, a propane oven in the Bertello’s is more practical, and the outcome will be very similar. In addition, you won’t need to constantly watch the oven since propane gas offers a straightforward, worry-free experience and remarkable temperature constancy.

Pizza ovens are becoming increasingly popular. And we know from our indoor kitchens that convection ovens often cook faster and can get a crisper crust.

But are pizza ovens convection?

You should read my most recent article to know if the pizza oven you intend to purchase is the same as the convection oven in your kitchen.

In this article, I covered all you needed to know about the convection and pizza oven, including their similarities and differences. The article also covered which oven is ideal for pizza, the convection or conventional ovens.

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How Big Is a Bertello Pizza Oven? (How Many Pizzas Does It Hold?)

This outdoor pizza oven is a fantastic compact pizza oven with a 22 x 14 x 10.5 inches overall dimension. The opening to the oven where the pizza goes is 12.5″ wide.

It is designed to hold 1 large pizza at a time. But since pizzas cook in just 2 minutes, multiple pizzas can be cranked out very quickly.

The Bertello is quite some weight at 46 lbs. With these portable outdoor cooking ovens, you may prepare in your backyard a single serving of restaurant-quality pizza of up to 12-inch pizzas at a time in the Bertello oven.

Despite the small build of the Bertello, its powder-coated carbon steel shell allows it to function effectively in all seasons, even in temperatures below zero.

In addition, this device’s blend of functionality and portability is particularly attractive, making it one of the most popular pizza ovens. The outdoor oven has a compact body with short legs to maintain its modest size.

The compact size of the Bertello outdoor pizza oven means setting up is pretty straightforward.

The essential component of this gas or wood-fired pizza oven has four legs that you can push out from beneath the barrel-shaped matte stainless-steel body. The legs make the oven much more portable, which is nice, but you now have to keep it on a high surface, which can sometimes be a problem.

The pizza stone is placed on four metal pins after the fuel tray is inserted into the oven through the front hole and secured in the back of the oven. Bertello’s pizza peel is included also. This is the giant metal spatula that you use to put the pizza into the oven and take it back out again.

It takes less than five minutes to complete this straightforward process.

Due to its shape, the Bertello outdoor oven heats the cordierite pizza stone underneath as well as the stainless-steel roof of the oven by pushing its rolling flame forward.

The oven is simplistic, with fewer bells and whistles than other oven types. The Bertello portable pizza oven is one of the lightest ovens and is perfect for camping vacations because it weighs less than 35 pounds.

What Is the Biggest Complaint People Have About Bertello Pizza Ovens?

The biggest complaint people have so far about the Bertello pizza ovens is the weight which is 46 pounds. This is heavier than similar pizza ovens in the market, like the Ooni Frya 12, Ooni Karu, and Ooni Koda 12. But from the standpoint of practicality, this is quite impressive for such build quality.

The Bertello pizza oven is a bit of a learning curve and may seem impractical for someone who isn’t willing to undergo a bit of troubleshooting.

The extreme temperatures of up to 900 degrees Fahrenheit make it difficult for first-timers to figure out how long to cook the pizzas for, as to many, 2 minutes doesn’t seem long enough. In addition, the lack of temperature controls makes it difficult to regulate the heat source to the preferred temperature.

Although the Bertello gas pizza oven offers restaurant-style temperatures and professional-quality pizza at a low price, many people find the cleaning process somewhat laborious. This is especially true if you frequently remove the ash basket, which requires loosening the gas attachment.

However, this step is straightforward with a basic toolkit and an Allen wrench.

While this may not be a drawback as it applies to many ovens, some customers find it annoying to turn the pizza in the oven every 20 to 40 seconds. Most people find it difficult to operate only because of this, but it takes practice and a few burned pizzas to get the hang of it.

Since Bertello has a gas adapter, it could be the best option, as you can also use natural gas cooking instead of only guessing with charcoal grills.

Was Bertello’s Pizza Oven on Shark Tank?

Yes, it was.

The world learned about the Bertello Pizza Oven when the Bert brothers appeared in 2020 on the popular television program Shark Tank to strike a deal. The Bertello Outdoor was ultimately funded via crowdsourcing, like some other amazing items, which tends to validate the caliber of the product.

The Bertello Pizza Oven was originally known as Napoli and was a popular Kickstarter project before being allowed to appear on ABC’s Shark Tank.

The quick-cook pizza oven with a twist was the product offered by the two business-minded brothers, Andy and Eric Bert. They created the original oven for Kickstarter because Eric had a strong engineering background.

Barbara Corcoran made the original offer to invest in the Bertello pizza oven at $120,000 for a 25% stake, and Kevin O’Leary then offered $120,000 for 30%. He is countered to 25%, which both accept. After the Shark Tank show, Andy and Eric Bert leave with a $120,000 at 25% contract.

Even after the deal with Kevin O’Leary on Shark Tank, the product continues to sell well online and on Amazon. The business that started as a dream generated $1 million in sales when it got going. The Bertello pizza oven offers a three-year warranty and free shipping inside the United States.

The Bert brothers started with just one product making it affordable and advantageous for the customer. They have gone a long way since they first opened, and they can still satisfy the cravings of pizza lovers everywhere.

While most homes are now considering buying an outdoor pizza oven for some delicious excitement, many people have yet to invest due to safety concerns.

You might want to read my most recent article if you have similar concerns about the safety of using pizza ovens at home.

This article covered key issues and safety precautions for utilizing these necessary outdoor ovens. In this post, I also did a good job addressing your possible concern about whether a permit is required to operate an outdoor pizza oven.

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How Hot Does a Bertello Pizza Oven Get?

The Bertello pizza oven gets up to about 930 degrees Fahrenheit, (500 Celsius).

You can also cook at temperatures exceeding 900 degrees Fahrenheit, which is significantly higher than your typical home oven, and yet get a perfect crust. Thanks to these amazing extreme temperatures, you may produce perfect pizza comparable to those found in restaurants in your backyard.

Cooking pizza at high temperatures given by the Bertello pizza oven makes it fluffier, lighter, and more delectable. You don’t want to have a thick crust while making pizza. The gas inside the dough may quickly expand as the temperature is raised, making the dough fluffier.

On the other hand, low temperatures indicate that the pizza will take longer to cook and probably result in a denser product. All ovens, both wood-fired and home ones, are created and designed with safety in mind. Therefore, your Bertello outdoor oven will remain within the safe range even at its highest setting.

Additionally, when it comes to gas ovens with the highest possible pizza stone temperatures, the Bertello is at the top of the list.

Only a select few ovens can compare to it, including the Gozney Roccbox.

This outdoor cooking oven is also included with a pizza stone made of cordierite, one of the few materials capable of withstanding temperatures beyond 800°F and the same material used in kiln shelves.

While high heat is essential in a pizza oven selection, The Bertello Pizza Oven is the best option if you’re seeking a portable hybrid pizza oven that simultaneously cooks with gas and wood.

Using wood and gas together to bake helps maintain the stone’s heat retention for a long time. Compared to other tiny outdoor pizza ovens, the Bertello bakes pizza quite well overall.

How Much Does a Bertello Pizza Oven Cost?

The Bertello pizza oven averages just under $500.

But they do have a few packages with different options. Within these prices, you get as a base a fully equipped, multi-fuel pizza oven with a 12-inch baking surface and a durable design. In addition, the Bertello oven can burn wood, charcoal, and gas using an additional propane attachment sold separately. Bertello also offers a gas burner separately.

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If you’re looking for a high-quality pizza oven at an affordable price point, the Bertello pizza oven could be your best choice. The Bertello Outdoor Pizza Oven, which includes a pizza peel with a special design, is available from both, the company’s website, and Amazon.

Although The Bertello is more than capable of producing delicious pizza at an affordable price, its biggest flaw is a lack of the finishing touches.

Minor details like confined spaces while rotating the pizza or post-eating cleanup are some of these missing touches. However, some individuals will have serious concerns about other factors, such as the inadequate airflow that causes flames to fly out of the back while refueling.

Bertello’s greatest assets are its sturdy design, affordable pricing, and ability to produce pizza of exceptional quality. The Bertello is a fantastic alternative for anybody wishing to start creating amazing wood-fired pizza at a reasonable cost as long as they know its limits.

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Bertello Pizza Oven vs Ooni

Pizza made in a genuine pizza oven is unquestionable of higher quality than pizza made in a regular oven. However, both Bertello and Ooni offers portable outdoor pizza oven that you can take anywhere, including camping. This ensures you have the best way to prepare pizza wherever you are.

Each Pizza oven model features legs that can be folded down and stored immediately underneath the oven, taking up very little room. In addition, both businesses provide models that are reasonably priced.

But while Ooni offers several pizza oven designs like the Ooni Frya, Ooni pro, and Ooni Karu, Bertello has one. Let’s compare Ooni and Bertello and see how they stack up.

The Bertello Oven

The Bertello oven’s design is simple yet elegant. This portable oven allows you to make a statement in your backyard and is nearly suitable for use as a centerpiece. You may fuel the Bertello pizza oven with various materials, such as charcoal, gas, wood, or pellets.

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The Bertello pizza oven stands out because it can simultaneously cook with gas and wood. In addition, Bertello employs a cordierite pizza stone to get a crispier crust, which can tolerate high temperatures and absorb moisture from the food. The baking stone, wood tray, and wood chip scoop are included with the Bertello pizza oven’s entry-level model.

Compared to the Ooni, the Bertello has two drawbacks: an almost uncomfortably huge gas burner adapter and an unsatisfying narrow pizza oven opening. Also, new users frequently burn pizza on the side closest to the heat until they are accustomed to the appliance.

The Ooni Oven

In addition to delivering restaurant-quality pizza to people’s backyards, Ooni has a slightly futuristic-looking yet highly practical pizza oven design.

It features folding legs and an exterior shell that is smooth and rounded. This makes the oven incredibly portable, especially with the Ooni carry case.

If you consider design, Bertello is a better-looking model.

However, a better-tasting pizza may be made using the Ooni since it is more expertly made and retains heat better. In general, it offers customers more alternatives than Bertello.

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Between the two models, there are several significant differences. First, although they function similarly and have identical designs, Ooni’s collection has greater diversity. Instead of designing a model that suits all people, it more closely accommodates individual variances.

Similar to Bertello, Ooni’s designs include flaws as well. Many claim its fatal drawback is that some models’ temperatures can be hard to control and that it doesn’t come with a temperature thermometer — you have to buy one separately.

This implies that using wood chips may have to fiddle with the fuel quite a bit to level out the temperature without a thermometer. You face the danger of burning your pizza until you are more comfortable using the equipment, much like the Bertello.

Review-wise, both have outstanding reviews and are Amazon’s Choice products.

However, I always like to look at the 1-star reviews, see those issues, and see what percentage of the total number of reviews the 1-star ratings are. In that case, as of this writing, Bertello only has 6% of the reviews being 1-star compared to Ooni’s 9% 1-star ratings.

It’s also worth pointing out that Ooni makes a wood pizza oven, a gas pizza oven, and a multifuel pizza oven which is what the Bertello is. However, the Ooni multifuel oven is almost twice as expensive as the Bertello.

Bottom Line: The Bertello wins.

Final Thoughts

The most adaptable oven is probably the Bertello pizza oven.

This outdoor oven blurs the distinction between gas and wood-fired ovens and is better suited for making low to medium-fired pizza. However, if you are familiar with oven cooking your favorite pizza in your backyard, the gas conversion allows you to unleash the Bertello oven’s potential power.

The Bertello Pizza Oven is well worth the price if you require an outside oven to use at least once a month or several times a month throughout the summer. Compared to other pizza ovens on the market, it offers better value, but the overall quality is still excellent.

You might want to consider purchasing the gas burner adapter in addition to the Bertello pizza oven if you want to make the most of this little powerhouse’s full potential.

With the conversion kit, you have access to an incredibly adaptable pizza oven that is ideal for any cook who does not want to be limited to a single fuel source.

Image by Djahongir from Pixabay