Are Pizza Ovens Safe? (Safety Tips, Permits, and Ventilation)

Pizza from a restaurant that uses a wood-fired oven is delicious. In fact, pizza ovens have become the perfect addition to outdoor kitchens. But since they burn wood or connect to propane, it’s common to wonder are pizza ovens safe?

Yes, outdoor pizza ovens are safe. However, it is essential to monitor the temperature accurately as high temperatures can lead to cracking of the oven. Also, ensure the oven is not located too close to the house and never leave the oven unattended.

Apart from being safe, there is a lot to learn about pizza ovens and how to use them safely and with confidence.

So, in this article, you will come across various facts. Furthermore, have you ever wondered how close a pizza oven can be to the house? Do you know if you require a permit for your pizza oven?

So let’s keep going!

Outdoor pizza oven safety tips

Here are the top safety tips for outdoor pizza ovens:

  • Don’t leave it unattended
    Outdoor pizza ovens can get extremely hot. Always stay in clear view of your oven, and keep children and pets away.
  • Use it outdoors
    Always ensure to keep it outside. Additionally, never try to use it to heat your house or garage. It should be outside on an appropriate foundation. Not in the back of a truck, on a trailer, or a boat.
  • Make sure it’s installed properly
    It should be on a sturdy, level surface. It should also be installed following any local or national codes.
  • Keep it adequately cleaned maintained
    If you have a gas-fired outdoor pizza oven, make sure that the gas cylinder is off when not in use. Regularly inspect hoses for wear and tear. Replace them as necessary. Wood-fired pizza ovens should have the ashes cooled and removed before storing.
  • Always think about fire safety
    Your pizza oven should be at a safe distance from anything flammable. Kids and animals should be kept away from them. Use gloves and don’t try to move it while it is in use.

When appropriately used, pizza ovens, just like propane grills, are very safe when used correctly.

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Do I need a permit for an outdoor pizza oven?

Most likely you will need a permit for an outdoor kitchen area and/or pizza oven. Laws and regulations vary widely. You may also need permission from your homeowner’s association if applicable.

But again, these types of laws vary significantly from state to state, and county to county.

Furthermore, your local small business office should be able to assist you with any questions regarding the use of an outdoor pizza oven.

Since you’re here, you likely want it for personal use.

Besides, if you are building a giant brick structure with a roof and chimney, you’re probably going to need a license. You must also make sure you get it right. If you have a rectangular duct, it must be adequately insulated. Insulation will help keep moderate thermal shock. Source and Source

Even if the county you reside in doesn’t require a permit, you should check your local ordinances as well. Cities, small towns, and even communities with homeowner’s associations may all have different rules and regulations regarding the use of pizza ovens.

It’s even great to check with your local fire department. Even if they do not require a permit, they can provide some valuable safety tips.

Just like a pizza oven can pose a safety hazard, so can a Traeger pellet grill. Pellet grills are great and very safe. But if it catches fire, it will freak you out a little. The number one thing to do if your pellet grill catches fire is NOT to panic.

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How close can a pizza oven be to the house?

Keep the pizza oven at least 10 feet from the nearest wall of your house. Generally, for outdoor pizza ovens, chimneys should be two feet higher than any structure within 10 feet. But, always check the building codes in your area. 

If you are building it yourself, there are likely some codes to follow.

But people don’t always follow them. Some people make pizza ovens in their kitchens, next to existing fireplaces, and even their basements.

If properly built, the dome structure won’t give off much heat. And a properly built fire won’t give off the embers to start a house fire. This is because your flue will have a metal screen at the very top, called a spark arrestor.

So it should be 10 feet away from anything taller than it. You should also take into account how the wind will react with your door. You will want the door on the sheltered side of the oven.

Finally, pay attention to where your chimney will vent. Don’t build your oven under trees, under low electrical lines, too close to the property line, or on in the way of any easements. If the utility company has access rights for any reason, you don’t want to obstruct them.

Does a pizza oven need to be vented?

Big built-in pizza ovens do need proper ventilation. And typically they come with a chimney attached. But not all of them will. Those that don’t come with vents and don’t need any additional ventilation.

Portable pizza ovens are really ideal for the novice or hobby pizza maker. They are also the perfect choice for renters or those with small spaces. You could even put one on the balcony of your apartment.

But note that: if it’s not made for indoor use, don’t use it inside. You can purchase countertop pizza ovens that can be used indoors.

Just like with outdoor pizza ovens, they come in many models at various price points.

The bottom line is that, no matter what, always read about whatever pizza oven you are considering. And then, when you decide on one, read the manual and follow all of the safety instructions.

What is the best outdoor pizza oven for home use?

The ROCCBOX is a portable outdoor pizza oven that can be used either with propane or wood. It’s also designed for the exterior to not be hot to the touch, making it a great option for families. It’s also portable and can heat up to 950º F.


This portable outdoor pizza ovens can sit right on top of your grill, or they can be standalone appliances powered by gas or wood.

It is ready to use right out of the box. It has a built-in thermometer, retractable legs, and detachable dual-fuel burners.

It reaches up to 932 degrees F and can cook a pizza in under 2 minutes. It’s small enough to sit on a table-top.

This makes it perfect for feeding a crowd at home or even tailgating during football season. It also means that it’s ideal for people that don’t have a lot of room or don’t want the hassle of permits, building codes, and regulations.

If you are using it at home, at a party, or a tailgate, you won’t have to worry about anyone getting burned, either. The safe-touch jacket keeps the pizza oven cool on the outside, so little fingers don’t get burned.

Because it’s stainless steel, it’s also very easy to clean.

Overall, this pizza oven is super easy to use. Just fire it up, wait for it to get hot, and start cooking.


Final thoughts

Just like any appliance, there are risks when using a pizza oven. However, if you carefully follow a few safety tips and the read manufacturer’s instructions, pizza ovens are very safe.

Laws and regulations vary widely regarding the personal use of outdoor pizza ovens, so check your local ordinances.
Portable pizza ovens are perfect for casual pizza makers, small spaces, and tailgaters.

Besides, pizza ovens are available in all sizes and budgets. Therefore, if you plan to buy one, you can quickly go and get it for yourself.

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