Are Immersion Blenders Loud?

An immersion blender is one of the essential tools in the kitchen; perfect for when you don’t want to have to pour something into a blender. But since we know normal blenders can be pretty loud, are immersion blenders loud?

No. Immersion blenders also called stick blenders and handheld blenders, are not loud. Compared to a regular blender, immersion blenders are much quieter. 

But there’s more to learn about immersion blenders, though.

In this article, we’ll go over exactly what makes this amazing appliance so much better than a regular blender. You will also learn which is the best immersion blender and how you can make your stick blender quieter.

Let’s dive into the details so you can decide for yourself how good it is.

Are immersion blenders quieter than regular blenders?

Yes. Immersion blenders make less noise as compared to regular blenders. This is because the regular blenders have a more powerful motor that blends at much higher speeds. But the small blade of an immersion blender also means that less food is being blended or ground at one time compared to a regular blender.

This makes them a perfect buy for your first home. This appliance will suit you better if you use a blender for smoothies, soups, or sauces.

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A huge upside to using an immersion blender over a standing blender is that you can mix everything in a pot or a cup without transferring everything. Be careful when blending hot items as immersion blenders are known for splattering if you aren’t careful.

A stick blender is the best option for early birds who need that extra burst of energy in the morning without being noisy and disturbing others.

How can I make my stick blender quieter?

You can reduce the noise of a stick blender by wrapping the handle in a towel and ensuring that the blade and guard are fully submerged into the food or liquid. But newer models tend to be quieter than older models.

Immersion blenders are used for soups, purees, making peanuts, or even for making whipped cream. As you can tell, these are the things that won’t make a lot of noise by themselves.

A standing blender is meant for more heavy-duty mixing, not to the point of a food processor but reasonably close.

This means you’re more likely to have louder noise than with an immersion blender. Not to mention a standing blender includes noise from vibrations on the counter and any noise reverberating off the walls.

An immersion blender is used in your hand and directly into the pot or cup of your choice. As I said before, these are primarily used for soups.

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However, immersion blenders can be used for a whole range of food. Salsa is an excellent example of this. When making salsa, you want to use a pulse action with stirring rather than a constant blend with little movement.

This helps your immersion blender from overheating and gives you more proof of the quietness of this blender. With a standard blender on pulse, you’ll end up with a headache, but you’ll have no fear of headaches again with an immersion blender.

Can you use an immersion blender instead of a blender?

Yes. You can use an immersion blender instead of a regular blender for almost anything, especially making soups, sauces, or pureeing soft vegetables. However, an immersion blender is not great for chopping ice due to its small blade and guard.

Also, a lot of people tend to use a Ninja blender. That’s perfectly okay because they work well for smoothies and slushies. Meaning you can crush the ice with it.

Using an immersion blender instead of a standard blender means less cleanup, less noise, and less space is taken up.

You can use this blender for making a cheese sauce, salsa, pesto, and mayo! Using an immersion blender means you use less time to blend and mix food than a regular blender.

There’s no need to wait for a blender. The immersion blender will have your food ready in a minute.

Using this type of blender means you are willing to work with more food for the best result until you’re using chunky vegetables. Most of the time, you’ll use it in a pot or a large bowl; however, you need to be careful of the blender scratching your pots.

This is why you shouldn’t use an immersion blender in an instant pot. When using the blender, you’ll feel the force of the blending move your hand downward. This can be countered by blending at an angle instead of straight up and down.

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Are more powerful immersion blenders louder?

With immersion blenders,  more power doesn’t mean that it will be louder as the size of the motor and blade are still fairly small. Although there will be some noise, it will always be less loud than a standing blender. 

As for power-wise, the standing blender will have more power than the immersion blender for the most part. However, that means you can use both for more focused food groups, making your job easier.

The position of the blades and gears is the main distinguishing factor between the two. With an immersion blender, you’re going to get more finely chopped food than with a standing blender. Meaning you can smooth out lumps in sauces.

Immersion blenders are great for making coffee as well. However, that is a whole different topic that needs its own article.

Luckily for you, I already made it, and you can easily find it in my recent article, or you can just click this link to read it on my site.

Pro-tip: Make sure you have blades are immersed fully in the food you want to blend before turning on the blender.

This will not create much mess and make clean up easier.

What is the best hand blender to get?

For price, durability, speed, convenience, value, and overall quality, the Braun 4-in-1 Immersion Hand Blender is the best hand blender to get.

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This blender I’m about to show you is a great budget buy. It’s easy to clean and comes with a few accessories. It has two-speed options, which makes it perfect for a variety of dishes.

One major problem with immersion blenders that comes up frequently is the blade falling off. This can be dangerous if you don’t realize before taking a big sip of your drink.

With this blender, you won’t have to worry about the blades falling out and cause a choking hazard. The wattage of this blender is 400 watts rather than 200 watts.

Don’t believe me? Just read the reviews and you will find out.

This immersion blender is so good you can even use it to make soap! Yes, you heard me correctly, you can make soap with an immersion blender.

Now, are there blenders that may go above and beyond this one? Yes, but when talking about the price and the value you are getting, it’s definitely worth the buy, especially to a beginner.

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Final thoughts

Immersion blenders are a powerful and convenient tool for your kitchen. If you are an early bird and don’t want to bother anyone while making a smoothie, this blender is the way to go.

This is a fantastic tool for a small kitchen where you want to save space.

Immersion blenders are not loud; rather, they are almost entirely mess-free. They’re easy to clean and are more precise than a traditional blender. Not to mention that immersion blenders are very versatile. You can blend anything from food to soap!

Ensure you always check reviews before buying a product and stay safe while using your new kitchen helper.

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