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Ninja Blenders vs. Magic Bullet (Which is Best?)

Blenders are essential in any kitchen. But it’s hard to decide which kind of blender is best to get. The Magic Bullet and the Ninja Blenders are two of the most well-known options, but which is the best? Let’s explore Ninja Blender vs. Magic Bullet.

The Ninja Blender is overall a much better blender than the Magic Bullet. Magic Bullets have their advantages, but Ninja Blenders are much more powerful with a much larger range of features and options.

In addition, Ninja Blenders are stylish, practical, and have a variety of uses. Blenders are part of the must-have staples when setting up the kitchen.

But the Ninja Blenders are much more than this.

The Ninja blenders encourage technological innovations in food blending and crushing that will meet the diverse needs of kitchens worldwide. If you want to grind and blend foods in a matter of seconds, this blender is a must-have for your kitchen.

Let’s get started, shall we?

ninja vs magic lg

Is Magic Bullet Or Ninja Better?

Overall for power, speed, options, and variety of uses, the Ninja Blender is vastly superior to the Magic Bullet.

Blenders are practical and are an important household item for many people as a stove or microwave. The proper blender in your kitchen is ideal for breaking coffee beans, grinding almonds into butter, puréeing veggies into soup, or preparing homemade baby food.

If you’re looking for a new blender, you’ll find many options available, but there are also additional features you shouldn’t ignore. That is because these qualities significantly increase the likelihood that your purchase will serve its intended purpose.

Let’s explore the pros and cons of both blenders:

Ninja Blender pros and cons

If you wish to buy the perfect blender that will serve a multi-purpose function, you may want to consider purchasing a Ninja Blender.

With 1100 watts of blade power, the Ninja Blenders perform more amazingly than their competitors. In addition, these devices are remarkably durable, a significant feature that sets them apart from the Magic Bullet blender or any other popular blender type on the market.

The Ninja blenders come with a high-level Auto-IQ technology that ensures they work at the required speed for different blending tasks.

Although the technology may be high-end, the design is simple, stylish, and easily operable. In addition, the Ninja Blenders don’t take up much space on the counter and can be ideal for even a small kitchen.

Given its versatility, it is logical that the Ninja Blenders include several different accessories that simplify operations like dough blades, seal lids, blending containers, and food processor bowls. The essence of these attachments is to increase the versatility of the blender and kitchen as a whole.

Interestingly, these attachments and the entire blender are easy to clean.

Most of the attachments with the blender are easy to detach and throw in the dishwasher. The blender is also easy to use as it blends tough fruits and vegetables. That way, making healthy and nutritious meals doesn’t have to be tedious.

Although the Ninja Blenders are a little more expensive than the regular blenders, it is worth the fee. The reason is that it provides more performance and function for its price. Hence, buying a Ninja Blender is a durable and effective investment anytime.

Magic Bullet pros and cons

The Magic Bullet is one of the best personal blenders on a tight budget, bringing simple style yet elegance to the kitchen. It is a useful small blender and one of the earliest blender types that use capsules.

The magic bullet is a compact blender with remarkable performance. With its 250-watt capacity, this essential kitchen appliance performs simple tasks easily, thanks to its ergonomically designed short cup and milling blade. However, compared to the powerful motor of the Ninja bullet blenders, it is nothing.

The Magic Bullet is an ideal blender anyone can consider, from beginners to casual users or people on a tight budget. The blender comes in compact sizes with ease of use. Its minimalist style, small footprint, and convenience make it suitable for those in a hurry.

Particularly, the tiny footprint of the blender gives it style and elegance.

As a result, it won’t take up plenty of space in your kitchen, and you may decide to store it in your cabinet or on the counter. Either way, you won’t be wasting space.

The Magic Bullet comes with three blender cup sizes for varying serving needs. However, the downside is that these cups come in small sizes and are too narrow. Perfect for personal use but not for larger servings.

So, if you intend to serve extracted fruits for a large group, these blenders are not a good option as they may not deliver as you want.

Another significant downside of the Magic Bullet is its susceptibility to easy breakage. The plastic parts are fragile and may break easily during cleaning. The blades are also difficult to clean after use. Thus, that may pose a challenge for longevity if you can’t clean it properly.

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Here, I examined some of the most essential appliances needed in the kitchen. Of course, a blender is a top pick on the list as it offers many benefits. However, I also made a comprehensive list of some of the most useless small kitchen appliances you can skip during the setting up exercise.

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Ninja vs. Magic Bullet vs. NutriBullet

I can’t reiterate enough the importance of blenders for various blending needs.

Whether trying to blend baby foods, a healthy protein shake or making a green smoothie, they are part of the significant appliances you need for your everyday convenience. Apart from the fact that they help with some kitchen functionalities, they also add a sense of style and elegance to the kitchen.

Over the years, there have been a variety of blenders with different specifications. The wide types of blenders available on the market have made buying quality blenders difficult.

Let’s examine the main differences between the Ninja blender, Magic Bullet, and Nutribullet.

Comparing the Magic Bullet

The Magic Bullet is the oldest blender compared to the Nutribullet and Ninja personal blenders. It is also a bestseller due to its positive reviews and compact design. The Magic Bullet blender can chop soft and tough ingredients, despite having a small engine.

Unlike other blender types, it does not come in complicated designs. That is because it comes in only one size and style. If you want to whip up a single-serving smoothie, you should consider buying the Magic Bullet. However, it wouldn’t be the best option if you want to make anything in larger quantities.

While the Nutribullet and Ninja blenders come with a mix of stainless steel and plastics, the Magic Bullet is mainly plastic. This blender choice has a power pod with a 250 -watt motor and a blending cup with about 18 ounces which it uses for its operations.

Comparing the NutriBullet

The Nutribullet original, like the Magic Bullet, is also a single-serve food processor.

Unfortunately, it also cannot be used for larger servings or blends for that group of friends coming over. Nonetheless, it remains superb for making different types of smoothies as its innovative blade designs and power base helps break down natural fruits for that smooth, great-tasting drink.

These distinctive blending devices, as opposed to the Magic Bullet, keep being released in newer versions like the NutriBullet Pro, NutriBullet RX, and the NutriBullet blender combos to provide great value and distinctive food processing capabilities. They are a breeze to move around and the best fit to stow beneath or on top of the counter.

The NutriBullet blender’s remarkable watts of power can accomplish more difficult jobs more quickly than its predecessor. But that also means the NutriBullet is a tad louder. It also comes with a 24-ounce blending cup which is a third larger than the Magic Bullet container.

Comparing the Ninja Blenders

The Nutri Ninja Blenders have the highest capacity and performance among the three best blender options. While the Magic Bullet and NutriBullet are amazing products from homeland housewares, Ninja devotes all of its technological resources to developing unique blending technologies that are unmatched in the industry.

Compared to NutriBullet and Magic Bullet, Ninja is more versatile and sophisticated. Although many distinct Ninja models exist, they are adaptable and provide strong blending operations. You get more use out of your blender with practically any Ninja countertop blender.

Therefore, there is no doubt that the various features of the Ninja blenders top the chart when comparing these blenders. It is also used to carry out multiple major functions ranging from blending, grinding, and chopping.

Is a Ninja Quieter Than a Magic Bullet?

No. The Ninja Blenders are generally louder than the Magic Bullet blenders. The volume of noise from your Ninja Blenders largely depends on what you are blending. For instance, you should automatically expect hard foods, frozen fruit, or ice to generate more noise than leafy greens. 

The volume of Ninjas, when in use, ranges from 69-88 dB. However, the noise level still depends on the specific model you buy. You should anticipate that the Nutri Ninja Pro will be noisier than the Nutri Ninja Fit due to its powerful 900-watt motor.

I have a recent article that further explains the noise level that a typical Ninja Blender makes. Here, I talked about the best ways to make your Ninja Blenders quieter during use. These methods do not just help block out the noise but also prevent reverberations on your walls.

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On the other hand, a Magic Bullet is a much quieter type of blender. 

This is because the level of noise it generates is usually consistent regardless of the blended food materials. In addition, the machine’s motion and sharper stainless-steel blades make it easier to make quick chops, reducing the noise.

The high noise level from the Ninja blender is not evidence that something is wrong with the blender. Rather, the loud noise comes from the high speed at which the blender blade rotates.

Is a Ninja more powerful than a Magic Bullet?

A Ninja Blender is a more powerful blender than a Magic Bullet. A Ninja Blender can perform multiple functions. Interestingly, it can perform the Magic Bullet’s functions and more. The Ninja is also more well-built and produces nut butter that is easier to spread.

Although the Magic bullet is compact-built and easy to use, the Ninja Blenders offer more benefits than the Magic bullet. The biggest difference is that the Ninja Blenders have a stronger watt power capacity, allowing for a regulated speed.

However, with its power comes the need to protect it from water damage. 

For instance, you should know that the base of your blender is not waterproof. So, if water gets to that part, unplug it immediately, dry it out, and leave it to air for at least 24 hours.

In this recent article, I talked about blenders, water, which parts are waterproof, and the best way to clean the base without the risk of electric shock.

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Does Ninja have a better warranty than a Magic Bullet?

Ninja Blenders and the Magic Bullet both have a similar warranty. They both offer a year-limited warranty, so the Ninja Blender does not have a better warranty than the Magic Bullets.

The warranties of these blenders become valid from the purchase date and cover materials and craftsmanship defects within the warranty period.

This implies that if any of these blenders become faulty unexpectedly within the first year of purchase, you can contact the service manufacturers for a repair or replacement.

However, certain conditions bind these warranties.

For instance, this warranty does not cover normal wear and tear from using these devices. Also, these warranties are not transferrable. That implies that only the original consumer can enjoy them.

Is a Ninja cheaper than a Magic Bullet?

No. A Ninja Blender comes with a higher price point than the regular Magic Bullet. On average, Ninja Blenders range from $40 to $170, with an average price of $80. By comparison, Magic Bullet blenders typically retail for under $50.

This is not a surprise, considering the performance and functionalities of the Ninja Blenders compared to the Magic Bullet.

Although the Magic Bullet comes at a reasonable price range, the Ninja Blenders provide more benefits and last longer.

In addition, the Ninja Blenders have a higher watt-power motor, making their performance higher and faster. So, it is safe to conclude that the additional features from the Ninja blenders make it worth the price.

What is the best Ninja Blender?

The finest Ninja Blender by a large margin is the Ninja BN801 Professional Plus Kitchen System on Amazon. This device offers a fantastic blend of aesthetics and functionality to outperform other available Ninja kitchen systems.

This appliance is an ideal investment for varying blending needs.

No matter what you throw in them, this blender will generate a fine and uniform consistency. The NinjaBN801 allows you to prepare nutritious smoothies, whether it’s for your pre-vacation regimen or a cool summer cocktail.

The powerful crushing blades on this one-of-a-kind blender provide you with flawlessly crushed ice for smoothies and frozen drinks in seconds. It is also a great option for making coffee. All you should do is add the coffee beans to the blender and enjoy the finely grounded coffee.

The preset programs available on it allow you to perform multiple functions, including creating smoothies, crushing ice, nutrient extractions, and breaking frozen drinks. Another important feature that this blender has is its regular capacity speed. This is evident in the 1400-Peak-Watt Motor Base. Thus, giving it enough power for immense blending.

The pluses of the NinjaBN801 Professional Plus Kitchen System

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to clean
  • Large blending capacity
  • Availability of total crushing blades for easy chops
  • Dishwasher safe

The minuses of the NinjaBN801 Professional Plus Kitchen System

  • Expensive
  • Loud motors, when in use

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What is the best Magic Bullet?

Magic Bullet MBR-1701P

The MagicBulle17-Piece Set on Amazon is the best Magic bullet blender you can buy. It comes with varying serving cup sizes cup and a cross-blade assembly. Thus, ensuring blending and serving your various fruit combinations are a breeze.

The device is more reasonably durable than other comparable options on the market.

So, you wouldn’t have to fret about its lifespan or functionality. You have nothing to worry about the parts failing during any blending, grating, or chopping activity.

In addition, the 250-watt power makes it possible to enjoy smooth blending power and performance.

Like many other new blender types, it does have its unique drawback. One of the major challenges most top users experience with this device is the installation difficulty. However, once you have a good grasp of the Magic Bullet blender, you can easily install and use it.

The pluses of the Magic Bullet 17-Piece Set MBR-1701P

  • Offers durability
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Takes up minimal space
  • Faster for single-serving purpose

The minuses of the Magic Bullet 17-Piece Set MBR-1701P

  • Smaller cup size
  • Struggles with tough vegetables

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Final Thoughts

The right blender is not just another kitchen appliance but an investment in superb comfort. However, it is also true that most top blender

In this article, I talked about what makes the Ninja Blenders the best compared to the Magic Bullet and other types of blenders. To provide better knowledge, I addressed the distinctions between the Ninja Blenders and Magic Bullet Blender. In addition, the Nutribullet with its unique features was also explained in the article.

Most importantly, I offered my opinion on the type to purchase based on your kitchen preference and budget.

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