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27 Extraordinary Fruit & Vegetable Peel Uses

27 Extraordinary Fruit & Vegetable Peel Uses

vegetable peel uses a potato being peeled with a hand peeler Kitchen Appliance HQ

My wife and I love to cook. And when we cook, we tend to use a lot of fresh vegetables. So I wondered what are some of the other vegetable peel uses we could be using the peels and scraps from our fruits and veggies for?

So I decided to do a little bit of tasty research. Here’s what I found out.

There are dozens of uses for fruit and vegetable peels. You can make cleaning products, facial scrubs, homemade stock, and natural dyes. But you can also whiten teeth, get rid of dark circles under eyes and so much more!

So let’s examine all the fruit and vegetable peel uses and answer all the top questions about fruit and veggie peels.

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So what are the . . .