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Top 11 Small Kitchen Appliances – Ultimate Guide

I’ve spent countless thousands of hours in the kitchen, both my own and in my 20+ years working for Whole Foods Market. So if you see me recommending a product, you know it’s something I own or would buy, use, or even sell to my own mother without hesitation.

I also don’t recommend anything purely on price, but on value and what I truly think is the best.

For this guide I put together, appliances had to meet or exceed the following criteria:

  • They had to be something I’ve used or a good friend has used
  • They had to have 4.5 stars or better on Amazon
  • They had to have over 200 reviews on Amazon
  • Even with that 4.5 score, they had to have under 5% reviews under 3 stars
  • It had to be “reasonably” priced. Not junk, but not so out of everyone’s league that no one would be buying it.
  • In each category, I give a value model and a higher-end model, both of which meet the above criteria

Don’t want to scroll? Just click the category name below to go right to that section.

Best Mixers and Blenders
Best Food Processors
Best Coffeemakers and Accessories
Best Deep Fryers
Best Juicers
Best Air Fryers
Best Toasters
Best Toaster Ovens
Best Slow and Fast Cookers (Instant Pot, Crock Pot)

7. Best Toasters

8. Best Toaster Ovens