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How to Reheat McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets (7 Best Methods)

Chicken nuggets are a fan-favorite meal that has been around for many years. McDonald’s Chicken Nuggets, in particular, are a popular favorite for many, but sometimes they can get cold and unwholesome if eaten after some time. Fortunately, you can continue to enjoy this delicious, crunchy fast food by understanding the best way to reheat chicken nuggets.

The best way to reheat chicken nuggets is in an oven. Place the nuggets on an ungreased baking sheet and bake for about 10-15 minutes at 350° F. Turn the nuggets halfway through the heating process to ensure even heating. Since they are fully cooked, they only need to be heated through.

But the oven isn’t the only way!

In fact, in this article, I’m going to walk you through 7 different ways to reheat chicken nuggets (from McDonald’s or other fast food restaurants).

So even if you don’t have a full-sized oven or you don’t want to turn it on for a small amount of food, you can still get your chicken nuggets hot, crispy, and delicious, just like they were when you first got them.

Let’s review all the different methods, including how to do it in the microwave without getting them soggy!

1. How To Reheat McNuggets in The Oven

This typically involves a couple of steps. Reheating McNuggets in the oven is a great way to enjoy them a second time without deep-frying. The process is simple and quick, and the results are crunchy and delicious snacks that can be ready in a matter of minutes with just a few easy steps.

First, make sure to preheat the oven to 350 degrees Fahrenheit. Next, place the leftover chicken nuggets onto an aluminum foil or a baking sheet lined with parchment paper. Make sure to spread them out evenly so they can heat up properly. Then, bake them for about 8 to 10 minutes, flipping them once halfway through.

Once heated, you can place them onto a paper towel-lined plate to collect any excess grease and serve them as is, or you can get creative. For example, if you want extra crispy nuggets, you can turn the conventional oven to a higher temperature and cook them for an extra 2-3 minutes.

2. How To Reheat McNuggets in The Toaster Oven

There are several steps you can follow. First, reheating McDonald’s McNuggets in a toaster oven is a great way to enjoy them without having to deal with a conventional oven or microwave. To get started, preheat the toaster oven to 375℉ for food safety. Then, spread the McNuggets on a baking tray and place them in the center of the oven.

Bake the McNuggets for 7 minutes, flipping them once halfway through. After a couple of minutes, the McNuggets should be heated and crispy. If they are not hot enough, bake them for a few more minutes. Be sure to keep an eye on them and remove them when they’re done for the best results.

To keep the McNuggets from drying, brush them with a light coat of oil before baking. This will also help them become crispy. If you want extra crispiness, turn the oven temperature up to 400℉ and bake for 2 minutes.

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3. How To Reheat McNuggets in The Microwave (and stay crispy)

This depends on personal preferences. Reheating leftover McDonald’s nuggets in the microwave can be tricky, as they tend to lose their crunchy texture. Place the McNuggets in a single layer on a microwave-safe pan to reheat.

Ensure to add a number of nuggets the microwave oven can contain and spread them out so they aren’t touching each other. Then, cover the plate with a damp paper towel and microwave the nuggets on high power within 30 seconds intervals.

Check the microwave chicken nuggets; if they’re still cold in the center, microwave them for 10 to 15 seconds. Make sure to continue to check the nuggets, as you want them to cook quickly.

Once the leftover McDonald’s chicken nuggets are heated, turn n your oven’s broiler for a few minutes. This will help to crisp up the exterior and make them taste like they’re just out of the fryer.

4. How To Reheat McNuggets in The Air Fryer

Reheating McNuggets in the air fryer is an easy method to make them crispy and delicious without using a lot of oil. You can reheat nuggets in an air fryer in just a few easy steps.

First, preheat the air fryer to 360°F. Once the air fryer is heated, add the McNuggets in smaller portions and spread them out in a single layer. For best results, avoid overcrowding the air fryer to allow the hot air evenly circulate.

Next, air fry the nuggets for around 5-7 minutes or until they are heated and golden brown. If you find that the McDonald’s McNuggets are not browning enough, you can raise the temperature of the air fryer and cook them for a few more minutes.

Finally, remove the McNuggets from the air fryer basket and enjoy! Make sure to let them cool slightly before serving, as they will be very hot.

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5. How To Reheat McNuggets in a Skillet

It takes a couple of steps. First, if you’re craving some McDonald’s McNuggets but don’t have access to a microwave, you can easily reheat them the next day in a skillet. This reheating method is one of the quickest ways and a great alternative to deep-frying. You’ll get the same delicious taste without the extra calories.

First, heat a few tablespoons of oil in a skillet over medium heat. Make sure the hot oil is spread evenly over the whole surface of the frying pan. Next, add your frozen nuggets and spread them out in a single layer. Cook the McNuggets for four to five minutes, flipping them over occasionally.

Next, turn the heat down to low and cover the non-stick pan with a lid. Let the McNuggets cook for an additional four to five minutes or until they’re heated through. You’ll know they’re done when the outside of the nuggets is crispy and golden brown.

Once the McNuggets are heated, remove them from the crisper pan and place them on a plate lined with paper towels. This will help absorb any excess oil. Serve them with your favorite dipping sauces, and enjoy.

6. How To Reheat McNuggets in a Deep Fryer

If you’re looking for a fast and delicious way to enjoy your McDonald’s McNuggets, reheating them in a deep fryer is the perfect solution.

First, preheat your deep fryer to an internal temperature of 375°F to avoid food poisoning. This temperature can cook the McNuggets quickly and evenly but retains their flavor and texture. Next, take your McNuggets out of their packaging and place them in the fryer basket.

Carefully immerse the basket into the hot oil, ensuring not to overcrowd the fryer. Allow the McNuggets to fry for approximately 3-4 minutes during the reheating process or until they reach the desired level of crispiness.

Once the McNuggets are done, the best option is to use a pair of tongs to carefully remove the basket from the fryer and transfer the McNuggets onto a paper towel-lined plate. Make sure to let them cool slightly before serving, as they will be very hot.

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7. How To Reheat McNuggets on a Grill

Reheating McNuggets on a grill is one of the best methods to enjoy the classic McDonald’s treat. You can have your crispy nuggets ready in minutes with just a few simple steps.

To start, preheat your grill to medium heat. First, ensure your grill is clean, as any leftover food crumbs from previous grilling sessions can cause flare-ups. Next, place the McNuggets on the grill’s wire rack and cook for about two minutes on each side.

Once the McNuggets are cooked, you can season them with your favorite spices. For an added flavor boost, brush some melted butter or olive oil on the nuggets before grilling. You can also sprinkle garlic powder or Italian seasoning for an extra flavor kick.

Final Thoughts

Reheating McDonald’s chicken nuggets can be done in various ways. From using the microwave to the air fryer, many options can deliver the same delicious taste you originally had when you first purchased them.

No matter which method you choose, keep an eye on your nuggets to avoid over-cooking them and losing their crispiness. With the right technique and tools, you can easily enjoy your McDonald’s chicken nuggets just as much as you did the first time.

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