Best Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker (2023 Review)

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If you enjoy good coffee as much as I do, then you likely know a pour over cup of coffee is considered one of the best brewing methods. But many of us like the convenience of an automated coffee brewer. So what is the best automatic pour over coffee maker?

The best automatic pour over coffee maker is the Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker. It is simple to operate, offers the best value for the money, and brews fantastic coffee.

But there’s a lot more to learn about my top pick for automatic pour over coffee maker. So whether you’re bored of your regular drip machine or want to make coffee easily, read on for all the best tips.

In this article, we will cover a lot of its important features and main differences from other types of coffee brewers. That way, you will have informed knowledge to make a great choice when you buy one for yourself.

Let’s get started, shall we?

Is Pour Over or Drip Better?

Good and amazing coffee is all about freshness and the best quality coffee beans.

Most coffee lovers around the globe wish they could make their home-brewed cup of coffee taste great like the baristas. However, more goes into making the perfect coffee than just drinking it.

The coffee bean has to be perfect. The brewing process and water temperature also need to be great.

Since the brewing processes in pour-over machines and the regular drip coffee machines differ, you may want to wonder which is better. Without beating around the bush, the pour over is better than the drip or pod coffee maker, in my opinion.

However, I will let you decide the best choice for you and your family. Keep reading to learn more about these two coffee makers and what they offer.

Pour Over pros and cons

You should lean towards the pour-over coffee makers to make excellent coffee with the best quality.

The reason is that the brewing method used for pour-over coffee offers more bliss to a hectic morning you may be having. In addition, this coffee maker provides a manual pour, allowing you to create the perfect pour and customize it to suit your taste.

Typically, the pour-over method entails pouring hot water through coffee grounds into paper filters. Then, the water gets drained through the coffee and filter. This method gives you complete control over the water temperature, grind size, and pouring style.

However, without consistency, errors are bound to happen.

The possibility of creating more intense flavors is also possible when you use the pour-over coffee maker. This extra feature is due to the intensity of the brewing process. The brewing process typically takes more time, so the water has enough time to gather the flavor and oil from the coffee grounds. Hence, making such an excellent flavored coffee.

The design is simple and, thus, makes cleaning easier. The common materials in pour-over coffee makers are usually stainless-steel carafes, ceramic, or glass carafes. Hence, consistency is the key to keeping them clean.

The downside to using a pour-over coffee maker is the time it takes to make the coffee. Hence, if you are beaten for time, you may want to use another method. However, that is not something a little training and patience cannot fix.

The recent spike in the fame of this pour-over method has made many companies develop different devices to use this method. Hence, the result of the automatic pour-over coffee makers. The availability of automatic pour-over coffee makers on the market today will make your mornings easier and more enjoyable.

Drip pros and cons

The regular drip coffee machine is the fastest device used to make coffee.

The quality of the coffee beans largely determines the quality of the coffee. It is a quick and reliable coffee-making option if you have an early start in the morning.

Although the flavor may not be as robust and delicious as when you use the pour-over coffee maker, the coffee still comes out great. All that is needed is the perfect ratio of coffee grounds to the water level. That way, you will get the same taste and bold flavor.

The advantage of controlling your coffee and the steps taken by the drip coffee maker almost seems like you are taking a back seat to make your kind of coffee. However, that is not necessarily a bad thing. The reason is that human error can be eradicated when using this option.

The brewing process is not as intense as the pour-over coffee maker.

Thus, the quality of the coffee is different from that of the pour-over coffee. The difference is that with the pour-over coffee, the beans have enough time to bloom (release their oils), which inevitably adds to the flavor.

The fact that the drip coffee maker is electric may disadvantage users.

More often than not, there is a high tendency that there might be an internal problem with the machine. The water tubes may get clogged, amongst other things. Cleaning it may also be challenging as water must go through some parts.

But drip coffee makers also usually have a hot plate to keep the stainless steel carafe or glass carafe hot in case the coffee doesn’t get consumed immediately.

What is an Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker?

Just like the name implies, an automatic pour over coffee maker is one that brews pour over coffee, but has a number of automatic features to provide the convenience of an automatic coffee maker. Many will also double as a drip coffee maker as well for when a larger amount of coffee is needed.

An automatic pour over coffee maker is easy to use.

First, pour the coffee beans into the coffee maker. Then, allow the grounds to bloom or extract oils. Once the coffee grounds absorb and run the hot water, it gives the coffee its unique flavor. Thus, an automatic pour-over coffee maker is all about the even extraction of flavor and the best quality.

This device makes quality and excellent coffee in little time.

Moreover, the coffee is clear and full of robust flavor. Hence, an automatic pour-over may be a great choice if you love to take your coffee with a bold taste.

It makes pure coffee. The machine is also user-friendly and easy to use, even if you use it for the first time. Many automatic pour-over coffee makers offer extra features such as auto shut-off, timer, and thermal carafe that keeps the coffee hot.

The Pluses of an Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

  • Even extraction of flavor
  • Easy to use
  • Pure and excellent coffee
  • Automatically keeps the coffee hot and bold

The minuses of an Automatic Pour Over Coffee Maker

  • Expensive
  • Inability to customize the steps yourself

Why Does Pour-Over Taste Better?

The pour-over coffee maker makes fantastic coffee at its best quality. The brewing process and intensity involved evenly extracts the coffee grounds and beans’ flavor.

This ensures that the coffee has enough flavor and comes out with a robust taste and flavor.

If you’ve explored different coffee tastes, you know that coffee from pour-over tastes better. Some would even say that pour-over coffee is healthier.

That wouldn’t be far from the truth because the coffee from pour-over coffee makers is low in cafestol. In essence, coffee made with pour-over coffee makers usually has lower acidic components.

The attention and skill in using the pour-over maker is another reason to validate its delicious and rich taste.

What is the Difference Between a French Press and a Pour-Over?

Coffee from the pour-over coffee maker is considered less acidic than French pressed coffee. That is because it doesn’t have plenty of extraction of natural oil from the beans. However, that doesn’t hinder it from producing delicious and bold flavors.

The brewing process in the making of coffee also sets these two brewing methods apart.

A French press typically has three major parts: a plunger, screen, and carafe. You then grind your beans into rough grounds before adding water when they are in the carafe. On the other hand, the pour-over coffee method requires a filter to help you control how strong you want it to be.

Essentially, the flavors and coffee from these two brewing methods are of great quality. However, they taste differently. You may want to use the pour-over coffee maker if you want your coffee with deep flavor notes.

The French press is one of the oldest and most sought-after methods for brewing coffee. It has been in existence since the 1800s. To learn more about the French press, you should check out this recent article.

Here, I addressed the issue of whether or not having a French press at home is worth it. Trust me; you will learn more about the French press’s cost and other essential features in the article.

The extraction of flavor is possible by combining hot water with pressure. As a result, making coffee with the French press is faster. On the other hand, the pour-over coffee maker needs gravity and time to get the best flavor out of the ground beans.

Why Does My Pour-Over Coffee Taste Bitter or Sour?

Nothing is worse and more disappointing than making bitter or sour coffee.

Of course, every coffee drinker wants to bask in the flavor and taste of quality coffee. But, over the years, you must have made a bitter or sour pour-over coffee and wondered why.

Well, here are some of the mistakes that may lead to bitter or sour coffee taste.

  • Over extraction

Extraction is a significant part of the coffee-making process. However, when we over-extract or under-extract the flavors from the beans, the quality of the coffee becomes affected. That is why it is good to ensure that the extraction is even. How can you do that? Very simple.

All you need to do is ensure that the ratio of the ground to the amount of water used is correct. For instance, the coffee becomes bitter when you use too much hot water. On the other hand, when you don’t use enough water, it gives a sour taste.

  • Dirty Material

Nothing dirty tastes good.

Hence, one of the primary reasons your pour-over coffee tastes bitter or sour is the dirty materials. If you do not remove the oils from the coffee machine, they stick and taste bitter.

Therefore, whether you use your coffee maker regularly or not, you should clean them thoroughly always, especially before and after use.

You should also ensure that you use clean water to make the coffee.

You should check this recent article to know the perfect type of water to use for your coffee. Here, I talked about the types of water used in making coffee and which one I think is the best choice for the perfect coffee.

Just click that link to read it on my site.

  • Wrong Grind Size

Another significant reason your pour-over coffee tastes bitter is the wrong grind size.

That is to tell you that the grind size matters a lot in the overall taste of your coffee. Hence, it would help if you made your coffee grinder coarse to ensure that the ground is the right size and the water is not restricted.

Why Is My Pour-Over Coffee Weak?

Before I learned the hang of things with making coffee, I had my fair share of bad coffee days. Water temperature control of the brewing temperature is one of the prevalent issues we all face when starting with coffee making.

Once there is something wrong with the water temperature and control, the pour-over coffee will be weak.

Therefore, you need to double-check the water temperature. The optimal temperature is at least above 85C/185F. Many coffee makers are preset for water temperature whereas some allow for it to be manually adjusted. Manual pour-over coffee allows for you to be specific on the water temperature, provided you have a good food-grade thermometer like this one on Amazon.

Another reason for a weak pour-over coffee is stale beans.

If you are using coffee beans that have lost their potency, you may not enjoy your coffee. Thus, you must get fresh and whole beans. Other common challenges are the texture of water (overly soft or hard water) you use and the lack of a good burr grinder.

Even worse is buying ground coffee rather than grinding your own.

What Kind of Coffee is Best for a Pour-Over?

If you want to make an amazing coffee, this question must have crossed your mind at least once. If that is the case, then you are not alone. I also had the same question bothering me for a long time till I found answers.

You can use the best coffee for pour-over under the dark and medium roast coffee.

Dark Roast Coffee

Dark roasted coffee is one of the most common types used with the pour-over method.

The reason is not far-fetched as it has a delicious and rich flavor. However, physically, it looks close to burnt wood or the color of the earth. Therefore, this 100% Arabica Dark French Roast from Amazon is the best choice if you want bold and rich flavored coffee.

This dark roast is ideal for breakfast as it offers the warm boost needed for the day. It comes in excellent packs and is perfect for almost all other brewing methods. The coffee is made with a 100% Arabica coffee bean which is healthy for the body. It has no additives, artificial ingredients, or preservatives.

Hence, making it a pure mix and choice for your coffee.

The steps are easy if you’re wondering how to make this dark roast coffee with your pour-over. You must use about 4tbsp (22grams) of coffee with a ratio of about 12oz of filtered water. That way, you will get the perfect dark roasted coffee blend.

Medium Roast Coffee

The great choice of the pour-over method is that it brings out the best in any coffee beans. Medium-roasted coffee is another type that you can explore.

I love the brown color and oily surface this roast coffee has. However, the beauty and quality go beyond the physical features.

This medium roast coffee has a medium level of acidity, which makes it healthy. It also has a rounded flavor that makes it rich in flavor and aroma. The Lavazza Gold Selection Whole Bean Coffee Blend on Amazon is the perfect medium roast coffee to explore.

Made with 70% Arabica and 30% Robusta, the composition makes for excellent quality. This medium coffee blend has its origin deeply rooted in Central and South America. Its mix of honey and almond in the composition produces a rich and robust flavor and taste.

If you are into using organic teas and coffees, you should learn more about organic coffee and its health benefits in this recent article.

I talked about what it means for coffee to be organic in the United States. You will learn about the benefits you stand to gain when you take organically made coffee.

Who Makes the Best Pour Over Coffee Machine?


Since we’ve been talking about all that the automatic pour-over machine has to offer, you must be wondering who makes the best automatic pour-over coffee machine after all.

The Zojirushi EC-DAC50 Zutto 5-Cup Drip Coffeemaker on Amazon is the best coffee maker to look out for on the market today.

The amazing Zutto Coffee Maker comes with a charcoal water filter, which helps purify the water used. Hence, making such great coffee.

The durability and sleek design of this pour-over coffee machine were crucial features that drew me to it.

If you want to make a good cup of coffee for yourself and your family, you don’t have to worry or waste time as it can brew up to 5 cups of coffee.

The major perk is that it keeps the coffee warm automatically.

That is largely due to the thermal carafe used in making the warm part of the machine. In addition, the water tank is removable. Hence, makes it easier to clean. The machine is also easy to use as the instruction manual comes in different languages.

However, the downside may be that you must handle it with the utmost care, especially when cleaning.

That is because many parts of it need thorough but careful cleaning. For instance, the glass carafe houses the cone basket. Although that keeps the unit compact and sleek, you must be cautious while handling the machine.

While most reviews praise this device’s sleek design, it’s worth noting that the automatic shut-off is absent. Thus, the programmability feature is something that you may question. However, on an overall scale, this is one of the best coffee makers that makes quality and excellent coffee.

CLICK HERE to see the current price on Amazon.

How to Make Pour-Over Coffee | Perfect Coffee

Final Thoughts

Making excellent coffee isn’t just about drinking the coffee.

I included every detail, from your coffee maker to the processes involved. In this article, I talked about the differences between pour-over coffee and other brewing methods, such as the French press and regular drip coffee maker.

Serious coffee drinkers know, and now you do too!

I talked about the best type of coffee for your pour-over coffee. The styles I mentioned do not just taste great but are also of the best quality. Thus, I know you will enjoy them when you decide the one to try out first.

Most importantly, I answered the major question of who makes the best automatic pour-over coffee maker.

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